The day of San Pedro and San Pablo is a festivity of the Catholic Church that is celebrated annually on June 29. This date is chosen because of its proximity to the anniversary of the deaths of Saint Peter and Saint Paul, considered the two great apostles of Christianity. In several countries of Catholic tradition, it is moved to the weekend closest to June 29 and is declared a non-working holiday.

Who were Saint Peter and Saint Paul?

The two apostles are considered the pillars of Christianity for their importance in the beginning of the church. Peter, who at first was called Simon, was a humble fisherman from the region of Galilee who became the most faithful disciple of Jesus and on whom the Master appointed the responsibility of continuing his legacy: " You are Peter and on this rock i will build my church”. Pedro accepted this mission and becomes the most outstanding figure of the nascent church. However, to become one, he accompanied Jesus during his period of evangelization in Israel, knowing the Messiah very closely. After the death and resurrection of Jesus, he is the one who directs the first Christians and begins his period of evangelization; He is credited with the first miracle after those performed by Jesus and who leads the other apostles to form the church of Christ. He comes to Rome with the intention of founding there the church of which he was its bishop until the end of his days. He is persecuted and ends up being judged by Nero, the Roman emperor, who condemns him to die on the cross. Pedro asks to be crucified upside down, not believing himself worthy to die like his Master.

For his part, Saint Paul, who was previously called Saul of Tarsus, is considered the Apostle of the Gentiles, that is, of the non-Jews. He was a Pharisee priest and a Roman citizen who had the mission of ending the nascent Christian sects. Initially, he persecuted and killed several Christians before his conversion which occurred when he was on his way to the city of Damascus in search of members of the new church. He had a vision that made him fall off his horse and in it a voice asked him " why are you persecuting me? "” the same voice entrusted him to take the word of Jesus to all the nations of the world. Paul remained blind for three days and after this he would become one of the leaders of the Christian Church. During his evangelization, he was persecuted, stoned and expelled from various provinces of the Roman Empire. He was arrested and taken to Rome where he would later be sentenced to death which was given by beheading.

Tributes to Saint Peter and Saint Paul

In the City of Rome are the Basilica of San Pedro and the Basilica of San Pablo in honor of the holy apostles. Also in several cities of the world temples were built in their names as well as squares and towns. On June 29, the Catholic Church celebrates this day with solemnity and pays tribute to the Supreme Pontiff as a representative of the legacy of the Apostle Peter.

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